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Intensive Review of English Basics with Explanations in Japanese To help students with low-level English skills improve their ability, we teach Basic English Grammar, TOEIC Testing Skills, Business English, and Communication classes with clear simple instruction in both Japanese and English. So students who are weak in English need not worry; they can learn English from the very basics. The result is evident in our students’ great improvement in their TOEIC scores. For students with very little English ability, complicated grammatical explanations by native English speakers are difficult to understand. Some people assume that by merely living in America their English ability will improve automatically, but that is not the case. Improvement requires dedicated effort at studying and practicing from the basics.

We also teach effective methods of studying English. Some people question the effectiveness of teaching English to Japanese people using the Japanese language. Students who already have high TOEIC scores and are somewhat confident in their English ability certainly should attempt an English-only learning environment. They probably do not need explanations of basic grammar in Japanese. Each year, several of our more advanced students join the advanced-level general ESL classes in the second or third quarter, if they succeed on the class placement test. There they are able to achieve new levels of proficiency. However, for students lacking in confidence and ability in English, our program provides easy, to-the-point explanations of English concepts in the students’ own language – Japanese – giving them a shortcut to understanding and using English.