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Independent ESL Program Based on many years of experience we have developed an independent ESL (English as a Second Language) program, fine-tuned to the needs and interests of our students, at Edmonds and Shoreline Community Colleges. Our students experience natural English through a multi-faceted, multi-perspective approach, acquiring reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through the performance of various tasks, such as presentations and debates. Class time is also devoted to preparing for the TOEIC exam, and our student's scores improve dramatically.

Our students' learning is not limited to the classroom. Our ESL classes incorporate many field trips and observational as well as interactive experiences on and off campus to increase the students’ exposure to real-world English. Some examples of field trip destinations are local elementary schools, television studios, museums, farms, plays, Christmas shows, and national parks. Such events are certainly not part of the average college ESL curriculum.

Another unique characteristic of our ESL program is the participation of "Peer Activity Leaders", or PALs - American or international students, proficient in English, who serve as conversation partners and teaching assistants. The PALs are also very helpful in expanding our students' circle of friends and acquaintances on campus.