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Company Internships and Volunteer Work Students wishing to do internships at hospitality- and tourism-related businesses in Seattle, such as hotels, travel agencies and entertainment facilities, may be selected to do so if they have sufficient English ability and good grades and attitude. In general, students may earn up to one school credit for internship work. Such internship opportunities are not available to students who join other ESL study-abroad programs as individuals. Only through Trajal’s unique overseas study program can you get valuable work-place experience in the US while studying. Especially popular are our internships at Japanese travel agencies in Las Vegas and Los Angeles during the summer and winter vacations. Only a few students can participate each year, but those who have gone say that while there were various challenges, it was a very good learning experience. You may read our former intern students’ impressions on the INTERN page of this website. We also encourage various volunteer activities to promote students’ interaction with and appreciation for the local community. Students may receive school credit for volunteer activities for the required number of hours. Some volunteer venues popular with our students include on-campus child-care facility helpers and Japanese class teaching assistants.