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Seattle School Staff Sadayoshi Nojima Sadayoshi Nojima
Subjects: Basic English Grammar, Idiom Reinforcement

Graduate of Keio University Business School. In my student days I was engrossed in English Discussion and Debate in the English Speaking Society. I have Grade 1 certification on the Practical English Proficiency Exam. After working for a Japanese business firm in Seattle, I switched careers to become a teacher with Trajal Seattle. I have lived in America for twenty years, and am now the executive director of the Trajal program in Seattle. My specialty is finance and accounting (in English). As a certified public accountant, I personally produce the school's financial documents. In the business world, I was involved in contract negotiation for international projects, for which I visited many countries. In class I teach the essentials of English grammar, which I had mastered through producing business contracts in English. For physical recreation I enjoy golf, and for quieter diversion I enjoy studying the origins and derivations of English words.

In teaching Basic English Grammar, I try to explain the thought processes of English-speaking cultures that underlie the grammar. With "simplicity" as my motto, I teach those points that are elusive to Japanese students, such as the use of articles "the" and "a". I consider lessons to be a drama. Drama needs to be interesting, with an introduction, a plot, a climax, a shocking revelation, and a conclusion. At the end of one lesson, I offer a preview of the next lesson, hopefully giving the students something to look forward to and making them feel that they will miss out on something special if they do not attend. I do my best to make my lessons a "wellspring of trivia".