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Seattle School Staff Lydia Nor Lydia Nor
ESL Instructor (EDCC)

My name is Lydia Nor, and I grew up in the Seattle area. I majored in English at the University of Puget Sound and then went on to get my Certification in TESOL at Seattle University in 1995.

I worked in Sapporo, Japan for 4 years and loved it... especially Yuki Matsuri! After that I lived in Poitiers, France and studied French while also traveling around Europe. I've taught ESL at both Edmonds Community College and the Washington Academy of Languages in downtown Seattle.

I love languages and try to practice my Japanese and French as much as possible! I also love playing music in my band, Laguna, and spending time with my identical twin boys. Someday I hope to travel and play music around the world with my band and my sons and study Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish. The more languages one knows, the merrier!!