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Seattle School Staff Neal Colodner Neal Colodner
Subjects: American History, TOEIC Listening

Born and raised in Queens, New York, I first visited Japan in my senior year of high school. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese and Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and a Master of International Affairs at Columbia University. I lived in Japan for five years. Building on my own education and experience, I have been working in the field of US-Japan educational exchange for 20 years. I joined Trajal in Seattle in 1994, and have been teaching American History and Business English. In American History I focus on the processes by which American society developed from the gathering of people of diverse races and ethnicities. In Business English I teach practical business tasks and communication skills, such as filling out forms, telephone communication, business letter composition, how to make an English resume, etc.

My hobbies include running and Japanese folk music. Playing shakuhachi and memorizing Japanese proverbs, I am often teased as being a Japanese person mistakenly born in a New Yorker’s body, but that is not the case. Of course I want our students to learn English and understand American society, but I also hope to make Japanese young people aware of the good aspects of Japanese culture that are appreciated by many foreigners, but of which they themselves are ignorant.